If you are interested in starting your professional career at a federal government agency, take a look at this article. Here we will give you insights into the requirements and programs that are aimed at students. The government offers you valuable work experience, unmatched employment benefits, specialized training opportunities, and great prospects for promotion. Federal services welcomes applications from high school students, university students, and graduates.

Student Temporary Employment Program

On the one hand, the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) provides students with seasonal and part-time federal government jobs. Students must be taking vocational, technical, or half-time courses in an accredited educational institution (university, college and professional school). Since STEP's job offers are not related to students' goals, they have flexible working schedules.

Student Career Experience Program

On the other hand, the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) connects students with employment opportunities that match their professional career. Students who follow a career related to legal, management, healthcare, and information technology industries are strongly required at federal agencies. The SCEP offers exceptional career paths for college and university students. You can learn more by visiting the OPM's website.

Provided by the federal government

The federal government also provides students with summer job vacancies in a variety of industries. Before applying for a federal job, make sure that you've met education requirements and work experience. Summer job opportunities are published every so often at the Office of Personnel Management's website. Contact directly the federal agency and ask for more information about the job announcement and closing date.

Volunteer service

Nowadays, many students opt for volunteer service because it allows them to get valuable experience that is related to their career field. Student volunteer service is aimed at high school students and college students who want to learn about government's mission and responsibilities. If you are interested in these government jobs, submit your resume to the OPM, but fist check if you meet the following requirements:

As we can see, the US government provides a whole gamut of employment opportunities for students: from part-time jobs, to voluntary service jobs. The Office of Personnel Management is the right organization to provide further information about these programs; moreover, it can connect you with potential federal employers. Take off your career by working at a federal agency and gain useful experience.