Recent Graduates

The US government targets highly talented and competitive recent graduates to join federal agencies. While the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) are aimed at high school or university students, the Proposed Recent Graduates Program and the Proposed Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program are aimed at recent graduates. If you are a recent graduate, this article will give you some insights about this world of government job opportunities.


Graduates from accredited educational institutions can apply for federal jobs. This program places students in a variety of job positions within federal agencies. You need to complete a four year's degree program in order to be taken into consideration for federal hiring recruiters. That is to say, students who have a bachelor's degree, master degree, PhD, or a technical certificate can be potential job applicants for federal government jobs.

Students receive orientation programs before starting this program; moreover, they are under mentorship program to strengthen their skills. Training programs have an average length of 40 hours and most of these federal jobs offer opportunities for career advancement. After the completion of that period, recent graduates can be promoted to permanent job positions.


Recent Graduates

This program is aimed at advanced degree candidates; therefore, professionals have to go through rigorous training and mentorship programs. For instance, students have to complete 160 hours of interactive training in two years. The office of Personnel Management establishes job requirements for this program, and it carries out an assessment process in order to determine potential candidates for the job position.

In order to apply to the program you must perform a series of tasks. You must be eligible and you must obtain a nomination from your university and you must also obtain a high score. You must also take an online assessment. You are also expected to obtain an advanced degree.

The PMF program offers a series of great opportunities to discover your own talents. You will become a creative thinker, and you will also develop the necessary skills to become a leader. It is an excellent program where you can obtain great training.


As long as students achieve higher degrees, they can afford to better job opportunities within a federal agency. For instance, professionals with an associate degree, bachelor's degree and PhD can be considered under a GS-4, GS-7, and GS-11 schedule respectively. There are thousands of job opportunities offered by the government, take a look at OPM's website for further information.

Thanks to the Executive Order 13562, more and more students will be able to access to exceptional employment opportunities. Moreover STEP and SCEP programs will be modified as well. If you are interested in working for a federal agency, this site will guide you through the whole process. Finally, the US government is offering great employment opportunities for recent graduates, you only have to write a good resume and submit your job application to the Office of Personnel Management.