Individual with Disabilities

Individual width Disabilities

There are many ways of obtaining a federal job for individuals with disabilities. These ways are:


Job applicants follow a process where they compete with other applicants in order to obtain the job position. All the jobs are listed in USAJOBS. You will obtain instructions about how to apply. There are many jobs posted each day. You can fill out your application by using the Federal Job Search and Application Form OF-612 or the Online Resume Builder.


As the title indicates, there is no competition between the applicants. 30% or more disabled veterans may apply without competition to designed job positions if they have meet the specified criteria. If the individuals have mental retardation or severe physical or psychiatric disabilities, they should present documentation from licensed doctors. They should send a resume as well as requested documents by the Selective Placement Coordinator.

Also, through Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA) candidates may be selected by agencies if they meet the necessary requirements. The number of times that a candidate can apply to the VRA is unlimited.

Through Schedule A:

This is for people who have mental retardation, severe physical or psychiatric disabilities. They must have the proper documentation from people who can certify that the individuals actually have a disability. They must also present a certification that indicates that the individuals are apt to accomplish all the work assignments. They may be selected for a permanent or temporary job. In this case, the number of times that a job candidate can apply to this option is unlimited.

There are federal organizations and agencies that you should consult in case you need any additional help when it comes to finding jobs or using disability programs and services. Some of these are: