Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

This section talks about different aspects that are related to federal Jobs. Our mission is to inform you about the types of jobs that you may have and how you can apply to them. We've dedicated enough time to each section in order to help you understand the world of federal jobs. Each section has been written extensively; you can consider this section as a complementary information that allows you to facilitate your search for a federal job. Also you can download sample resumes for free in this website to complete your requirements and improve your resume.

Students, veterans, graduates, individuals with disabilities and SES members have different ways to apply for jobs. You will also learn that there are a lot of federal jobs that require you to acquire translating skills; so, it is a good idea to check the sections about translating and interpreting jobs in order to understand the difference about them as well as the types of opportunities that you, as a potential translator, may have. Navigate through each section

Individuals with disabilities

We have included information for individuals with disabilities because the federal government extends its help to those individuals who are apt to work but still need some sort of help in order to apply for a specific job. This is why some individuals will be able to apply competitively, and others can apply non-competitively. We've also posted a list of important organizations that you should contact if you need any information about related topics.


This section talks specifically about veterans; so anyone who is a veteran can learn more about the advantages of applying for a government job as a veteran. Veterans have several government benefits thanks to the kind of service that they have provided to their nation. The federal government recognizes how important it is to help veterans obtain the kind of job that they would like to have. We have a small list of recommendations that you could follow in your search for federal jobs.


Since students are new into the world of federal government jobs due to their lack of experience, the federal government has a series of programs that allow students to search for part-time and temporary federal jobs as well as to learn how to match their own interests to diverse fields of work such as law and management. Many government jobs also welcome students who are interested in volunteering. Check the student's section in order to check how the government is interested in helping students to reach their professional goals.

Recent Graduates

People who have just recently graduated obviously want to find a job as fast as possible. This is why the government is constantly gathering a lot of efforts in helping graduates to find a suitable job for them. Programs like the Proposed Recent Graduates Program and the Presidential Management Fellows Program are two important and excellent programs for students. Students have learned to discover new talents and to acquire more training that will be helpful for their ultimate application to a federal job.

Senior Executives

The Senior Executive Service has professionals who belong to different industries: agriculture, security interior, defense, energy, etc. The qualifications are quite demanding. Someone who holds a SES job position has actually a lot of benefits such as life and health insurance, Federal Employees Retirement Systems, etc. SES members are known for having a high salary that may reach the $200,000. Read more about senior executives in order to know what it means to be a SES member.

Translating Jobs

Whether you want to be a full time translator, or acquire some translation skills, you should know that a lot of organizations and agencies require you to learn a new language. It will take to another website that contains additional information for potential translators such as translation degrees, translation certifications, etc. Also, this page contains information about potential translation jobs that may interest you as well as the types of translations that you could perform according to your specialty.

Interpreting Jobs

For people who are actually interested in interpreting jobs, there is information about the type of qualifications that any interpreter needs to have. It is important to know that learning a new language isn't enough; it is also about specializing in a specific field of work. There are two different types of interpreting such as escort interpreting and conference interpreting which demand different responsibilities and assignments. There is also information about the qualifications for translating jobs.