Occupation Groups

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has classified job positions into several categories in order to facilitate staffing procedures within the federal government. This classification is based on the qualification requirements for the post, level of difficulty and responsibility, and type of job. Blue-collar and white collar workers are included in this schedule. For instance, some main categories of this system are:

List of Occupation Groups



This Group focuses on job positions that basically deal with administration or supervision. These job positions are too complex and their method of working is too unique that they have considered it necessary to create a completely new group. Some of the main fields of work are:

Community Planning, Funeral Directing, Nuclear Materials Courier, General Student Trainee, Security Administration, Safety Technician, Fingerprint Identification, Police, etc.


You will find jobs that, as you might have thought, they mostly deal with accounting, administration and financial job positions. These job positions may request professionals, clerks or technicians depending on the level of difficulty of each job position. Some of the main fields of work are:

Civilian Pay, Insurance Accounts, Financial Management, Tax Specialist, Auditing, Credit Union Examiner, Financial Management, Voucher Examining, etc


This section is basically about job positions that entitle investigations about any law of the US that has been violated, or to conduct investigations that check if the individuals actually comply with the law. Basic assignments: administrating, advising, supervising, inspecting, and investigating. Some of the main fields of work are:

Aviation Safety, Border Patrol Agent, Air Safety Investigating, Customs Patrol Officer, Game Law Enforcement, Food Inspection, Criminal Investigating, Import Specialist, etc.


Science and Math are the primary topics in this section. A lot of these job positions deal with developing and investigating about mathematical methods and principles. The world of math encompasses almost anything. Math has contributed a lot to the resolution of management, economic, scientific and military problems. Some of the main fields of work are

Computer Science, Operations Research, Cryptography, Mathematics Technician, Statistical Assistant, Actuarial Science, Cryptanalysis, etc.


This is all about performing all types of works that occur within a hospital or a dentist's office. Also, it focuses on dietetics, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, etc. It also includes jobs that demand professional and scientific investigations that contributes to the progress of the health care industry. Some of the main fields of work are:

Nursing Assistant, Educational Therapist, Orthotist & Prosthetist, Consumer Safety, Dental Officer, Kinesiotherapy, Optometrist, Medical Technologist, Nurse, Sanitarian, etc.


This group includes job positions that deal with job positions that mainly deal with the conduction of any type of engineering or architectural project. Main duties: advising, administering, supervising or performing all types of assignments. Some of the main fields of work are:

Industrial Engineering, Safety Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Construction Control Technical, Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc.


This area investigates anything that has to do with scientific work. Main tasks: advising, administering, supervising or performing projects. All job positions primarily deal with the evaluation of different living organisms and their features; along with other things that are relevant into the world of natural resources and biological sciences. Some of the main fields of work are:

Forestry, Pharmacology, Animal Science, Microbiology, Range Technician, Agronomy, Physiology, Horticulture, Ecology, Irrigation System Operation, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, etc.


This group basically focuses on tasks that deal with typing, correspondence, calls, stenography, organization of files, use of codes, use of different equipments (copiers, printers, etc) and anything else that is pertinent to the job of a clerk, secretary or administrator. Some of the main fields of work are:

Communications Clerical, Data Transcriber, Messenger, Information Receptionist, Telecommunications Processing, Clerk Typist, Administrative Officer, Logistics Management, Work Unit Supervising, etc.


This includes job positions that deal with the administration of businesses and business processes. Research assignments are also included, as well as administration controls and regulations. Some of the main fields of work are:

Realty, Commissary Management, Purchasing, Trade Specialist, Production Control, Property Disposal, Building Management, Agricultural Marketing, Loan Specialist, Public Utilities Specialist, etc.


Law jobs are relevant here. As you can see, any job that demands the interpreting the law is included here. Main assignments: preparing cases for trial, reviewing laws, giving legal advice, giving legal assistance, etc. It also involves all types of law areas. Some of the main fields of work are:

Contact Representative, General Attorney, Veterans Claims Examining, Paralegal Specialist, Tax Law Specialist, Law Clerk, Passport and Visa Examining, Administrative Law Judge, etc.