Application Tips

Working for a federal agency can be a challenging and rewarding experience. If you are interested in being part of this large workforce, take a look at this site and follow these pieces of advice. The federal government has a large number of job categories; thus, it is necessary that you know which category you are applying for.

Check your skills

First of all, before preparing your resume, you need to identify if you have the following:

Make sure that you've met job requirements before addressing your job application to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Search for open federal jobs

If you want to be called for a job interview at a federal job agency, it is better that you search for open federal jobs. Job advertisements have different requirements; therefore, you should read the whole job description. Find out if the federal agency that you are applying for has a resume builder because this tool can help job seekers just like you with their job application process. Make sure your resume is close at hand, because you will be asked to input all your information.

Update periodically your data (contact information – references) to prepare your CV. Do not forget to attach a cover letter to your resume, and submit your job application to the head of the staffing process. Some federal agencies have a universal application format, which speeds up the staffing processes. You can see some resume templates and cover letter examples in this page.

Application Tips

Include keywords on your resume

As we've mentioned above, most federal agencies have adopted automated procedures to accelerate hiring procedures; therefore, it's important to include keywords on your resume. Make sure you follow all the directions given by the employment agency. Several times you will be asked to describe your previous work experience; this is the best moment to include job advertisement's KSAs. This is how you will be standing out from a sea of job applicants. Show your eligibility for the job and let them know about your interest in serving your country.

For instance, if written communication skills are essential for the government job, include experiences where you have participated actively on journals (writing-editing or proofreading documents). Remember to incorporate your social security number to your resume, and attach a cover letter to it. Some cover letter samples are available to download at You can also include successful experiences as a volunteer or awards that you've obtained at a university.